Front (above) & Back (below)
Introductory Spread
Bottom Close-up of Introductory Spread
Top Close-up of Introductory Spread
Second Spread (Introduces Speakers)
Close-up of Second Spread
Third Spread
Pull Quote + Noose
Bottom Close-up of Third Spread Pull
Poster Sections (before fully unfolding)
Fourth Spread (In-Favor)
Fifth Spread (Pull Quote)
Sixth Spread (Not In-Favor)
Seventh Spread (Data)
Close-up of Seventh Spread
Eighth Spread
Close-up of Eighth Spread (Concluding)
Overview of Eighth Spread
Poster Sections & Inside Spreads
Detail of Back Poster
Detail of Back Poster 2
Full Poster (viewed by fully opening the zine)
Front Covers
Back Cover (Partially Opened)
Front & Back Covers
Unfolded Section
p  r  o  c  e  s  s
Plotter Printing Spreads
Trimming Prints
Spray-Mounting Spreads
Removing Air Bubbles
Layout Design : Sharon Mathew
Illustrations : Annie Evans
Completed Fall 2018.


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