Brochure Overview
Introductory Booklet
Close-up of Introductory Booklet
Introductory Booklet Unfolded
Section Cover to "Women in STEM"
Statistical Spreads within "Women in STEM"
Historical Duotone Insert within "Women in STEM"
Section Cover to "Women in STEM"
Binded Section Cover to "Women in STEM"
Spread within "Women in Business" Section
Back Covers of "Women in STEM" & "Women in Business"
Photography Spreads within "Women in Service" Section
Historical Duotone Insert within "Women in Service"
Duotone Intro Narrative 1
Duotone STEM Narrative 2
Duotone Business Narrative 3
Duotone Army Narrative 4
Overview of Concluding Booklet
Close-up of Concluding Booklet
Left Spine View of Brochure
Below View of Brochure
Left Angled View of Brochure
Created by Sharon Mathew. Fall 2018.


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