Oatmeal Box Front (Above)

Oatmeal Box Back
Oatmeal Box Closeup

Oatmeal Box Pouring (Above)

Baby Food Jar Front
Baby Food Jar Back

Baby Feeding from Baby Food Jar

Juice Bottle Front
Juice Bottle Close-Up
Juice Pouch Front
Juice Pouch Back
Juice Pouch Close-Up
Puff Pouch Front
Puff Pouch Back

Baby Snacking from Puff Pouch

P  R  O  C  E  S  S
Oatmeal Box Pattern
Juice Pouch Pattern
Puff Pouch Pattern
Carrot Jar Pattern
Carrot Jar Rotation
Juice Bottle Pattern
Juice Bottle Rotation

Created by Sharon Mathew. Spring 2019.
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